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Case and Carton Sealing

Case closed. Tapes and adhesives up to your challenge.

It starts with opening a box of cereal at breakfast. It continues with the kids opening their juice boxes at lunch. Then let’s think about all packages that need to be securely sealed before they ship across the country, or around the world.

People open or close cases and cartons all day and rarely give it a second thought. But we do. We put a lot of thought into it, actually.

Differentiate your carton sealing tape

Carton sealing tapes are key to sealing and maintaining the integrity of packaging boxes, enabling the safe storage and moving of goods. In addition to providing fail-safe closure, carton sealing tapes need to endure poor weather conditions and over-exposure to UV rays. And adhere to low surface energy surfaces such as recycled corrugated cardboard.

Our acrylic adhesives, like ROBOND? water-borne adhesives, provide the tack, peel, and shear strength needed for today’s demanding packaging applications, along with productivity improvements including faster line speeds and higher solids.

More mileage for hot melt adhesives

What we came up with are AFFINITY? GA Polyolefin Elastomers (POE). They go into hot melt adhesives used to seal cases and cartons stick better than traditional formulas. These powerful bonds are more flexible and durable, too, on a wide range of substrates, even those with rough surfaces like paper and cardboard.

And you get more boxes sealed per pound of adhesive than HMAs that don’t use AFFINITY?, so you boost productivity and reduce costs. (Also, remember the cereal boxes and juice boxes? AFFINITY? GA POEs meet US FDA food contact requirements.)

Adding AFFINITY? GA POEs to the production line is easy, with less plugging and clogging because of their low density and high viscosity. And HMAs using AFFINITY? GA polyolefin elastomers generate virtually no char, discoloration, or odor. Say goodbye to gelling and the wear and tear it causes on equipment. They even contribute to a longer HMA pot life.

It all adds up to performance, processability, and value for a range of hot melt adhesives.

We’re always open to new possibilities and new challenges when it comes to case and carton sealing. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.