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Closures, Lids and Lidding Films

Everywhere you turn

Looking for refreshing solutions for your caps, closures, lids, and lidding films? Here’s a twist you might like.

Our diverse range of ethylene-based materials can help develop innovative, sustainable solutions for almost anything that goes on top of a bottle, single-serve cup, tub, bucket, or other container. These high quality polymers can offer durability, taste/odor performance, lighter weight, barrier, chemical resistance, and much more. Teaming up with Dow can also offer access to proven innovation resources, including Pack Studios – our exclusive global network for collaborative, accelerated application development.

Caps and closures

Their incredible versatility makes EVERCAP? Innovative Closure Resins an excellent choice for virtually every type of cap, closure, and fitment. This portfolio of differentiated polyethylene materials with exceptional performance and processability helps address key industry megatrends such as:

  • Using lightweighting, simplified material use, and recyclability to reduce plastic waste and strengthen sustainability profiles
  • Supporting health and wellness through aseptic, hot fill, and cold fill processes
  • Improving shelf life/reducing food waste
  • Enabling reduced torque for easier opening/closing
  • Enhancing safety/security with consistent, reliable tamper evidence

ELVAX? Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymers are an ideal choice for plastic cap liners and metal beverage crowns. Unlike other compounded liner materials, ELVAX? EVAs contain no mineral oil, so bottle necks remain clean and clear. Liners made with ELVAX? also deliver:

  • Consistent hermetic seals/leak protection
  • Better flavor/carbonation preservation
  • Tamper-evident protection
  • Easy opening/reduced removal torque
  • Easy low-temperature processing

For metal crowns, ELVAX? helps answer growing demand for halogen- and plasticizer-free liners. Other benefits include:

  • FDA approval for direct food/beverage contact
  • Tight, effective sealing
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent carbonation retention
  • Consistent quality
  • No adverse aftertaste


DOW? High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Resins feature excellent flow, impact strength, rigidity, ESCR, and lightweighting capabilities. These attributes, plus low warpage and taste/odor contributions, make them a solid choice for lids on heavy-duty tubs, pails, and containers.

DOW? Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Resins bring flexibility/durability, high gloss, low taste and odor, and lightweighting opportunities to a wide range of lidding applications.

DOWLEX? LLDPE Resins offer good ESCR and processability under a wide range of molding conditions. Low-temperature flexibility makes them a great option for refrigerated/frozen foods.

DOW? LDPE Resins offer excellent aesthetics, printability, and flexibility for a variety of injection/compression molded lids.

Lidding films

APPEEL? Peelable Resins combine tough, low-temperature sealability with excellent peelability. Ideal for food service and frozen juice cups, they also offer:

  • Excellent clarity, flexibility, and impact/puncture resistance
  • Easy processing at low temperatures
  • One-bag convenience for consistent, repeatable performance

SURLYN? Ionomers are a premier name in dependable seals – especially for case-ready meats. They feature exceptional optics for easy product inspection, plus:

  • Low heat seal initiation
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Outstanding seal through contamination
  • Puncture resistance
  • Scratch resistance

AFFINITY? Polyolefin Plastomers (POPs) offer improved sealant performance versus traditional polyethylene resins for trays, irregular-shaped structures, and other packaging. Advantages include:

  • Excellent package integrity at fast filling speeds
  • Exceptional clarity/gloss
  • Good processability
  • High hot tack
  • Excellent heat seal
  • Low heat seal initiation
  • Seal through contamination
  • Toughness/abuse resistance
  • Very high oxygen transmission rate

Alone or in blends, SELAR? Barrier Resins deliver the protection desired in many lidding applications. From dairy to meats to cheeses, freshness stays in, while moisture, oxygen, and other undesirables stay out. SELAR? resins also offer:

  • Low weight
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent cold-temperature resistance
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Good processability/blendability

Together, we can create remarkable cap, closure, and lidding solutions. Let’s see what turns up.

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