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Fuel Markers

Tailored solutions for governments, fuel companies and consumers

Dow helps assure revenue protection, reduced crime and pollution for governments, as well as brand ID protection for oil companies, through innovative fuel marking tools that work to minimize loss due to fuel fraud, smuggling and laundering.

Award-winning fuel marker technology
As an industry leader, Dow has helped shape fuel marking programs across the globe while preserving brand and fuel integrity for governments and fuel marketers. Our solutions are C,H, O based, the most environmentally friendly chemistry for fuels, and offer the strongest defense against traditional laundering methods and other illegal fuel practices.

Fuel refiner and fuel marker solutions

Across multiple regions, our fuel marking solutions enable brand ID programs, which help you protect brands, protect revenues, ensure fuel quality, reduce waste and differentiate fuels.

Global government solutions

As a trusted partner, we offer innovative, award-winning technologies that governments can count on to protect revenue and reduce fuel-related crime.

Fuel marking solutions

Dow offers the broadest range of fuel marker and dye solutions in the marketplace, setting the industry standard with innovative solutions.

Explore our fuel marking solutions

Product Name Advantages
ACCUTRACE? Forensic Molecular Markers
  • Laundering-resistant forensic molecular markers, used in sophisticated fuel marking programs
  • Unique structures not appearing naturally in fuels and lubricants and are not fuel additives
  • Analyzed via sophisticated 2D Gas Chromatography methods and detectable at ppb levels
  • Dow patented technology
AUTOMATE? Liquid Visible Dyes
  • Visible dyes, useful for simple fuel and brand identification
  • Solvent-based dyes
  • Well developed technology space with no active IP
MORTRACE? Extractable or Developing Markers
  • Extractable/developing dyes for simple fuel and brand identification
  • Very little color in fuel, but color develops after reagent treatment
SPECTRACE? Direct Read Molecular Markers
  • Molecular markers, useful for simple fuel and brand identification
  • Quantitation based on UV-vis profile and advanced chemometrics using a customer portable spectrometer
  • Dow patented technology

Dow fuel marking solutions video

Learn how Dow’s innovative fuel marking tools help assure brand ID protection for oil companies as well as revenue protection, reduced crime and pollution for governments.